Baltoji Vokė

Relying on its long-term experience, UAB BALTOJI VOKĖ offers professional services of maintenance, installation, and design of engineering networks, as well as water supply, sewage, heating, cooling, and air conditioning systems’ installation. The company is based in Šalčininkai district, but provides its services everywhere in Lithuania.

We work responsibly and we want the customers to be satisfied with our services every time, therefore we perform our tasks in a rapid and high-quality manner. We honour our commitments and fulfil our orders responsibly.

Baltoji Vokė employs qualified professionals who have comprehensive knowledge of their work. Helpful and hard-working employees are always prepared to perform their tasks very thoroughly.

Baltoji Vokė offers high-quality services, commitment to contractual obligations, and pleasant communication.

Our services


We offer services of maintenance, installation, and design of engineering networks in internal structures


Installation of electric power systems (up to 10 kW)


Installation of heating, cooling, and air conditioning systems


Installation of water supply and sewage systems

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UAB Baltoji Vokė

Address: Vilniaus st. 12b, Baltoji Vokė, Šalčininkai district
Registered office: Vilnius, Elektrinės st. 8
Business identifier code : 302513855
VAT identifier: LT100005414712

Settlement account: LT22 7300 0101 2247 1763
Phone: 8 69817920

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